Can my soul mate be in animal form?

When I first got Rollo I thought his name was stupid & planned on changing it. Once I met him, I knew it was just who he was. Any time a new person or animal approaches him he rolls over onto his back, excited to play & also submitting. I’m not familiar with animal behavior; what is (a)typical, etc. Others at the dog park laugh hysterically & say they’ve never seen anything like it.

Rollo is such a sweet & happy boy. There has never been an instance where an animal disliked him. In fact, most large dogs follow him around at the dog park, standing over him as a means of protection. It is the coolest thing. If other large dogs get too close, his protector will buck up. Rollo just sits there clueless waiting to continue to run & be chased.

Today I took him to the dog park & a woman showed up with 4 Huskies. Three were great but the fourth kept knocking Rollo on his back much too forcefully. He’d then grab Rollo’s entire neck with his mouth, inflicting some amount of pain because Rollo began to whimper & cry. The owner kept saying, “that’s just how huskies playing. By latching onto the neck until there are yelps of pain? Don’t think so!

You’re not supposed to get into the middle of a dog fight but I’ll be damned if I didn’t reach my hand down right as the husky was biting Rollo’s neck & take him away.

In that moment it was my little love in danger so without hesitation I threw myself into the situation to save him. He has been extra loving & cuddly tonight. He knows & understands that I saved him.

I’ll never forget the look of actual fear in his eyes when he heard me yelling, “NO!,” to the husky while making myself bigger & more dominant to diffuse the situation. I never want to see that look again. He feared for his life.

I love you, Poodies. Thank you for choosing me! (& Bops, too)

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